Our Team

Message from the Managing Director:

"Since its opening in 1997, S & H has excelled in all its specialties.S & H Engineering thrives to provide the best services to its customers.

In order to do so, our teams work together to offer the highest quality of services and safety to all our customers' and employees.  

S & H employs over 220 employees that are highly trained and are fully capable of performing their jobs in a perfect manner in order to obtain our customers satisfaction. 

S & H is known for its outstanding works all around the U.A.E. The reason S & H has achieved this high reputation is because our equipment is maintained regularly by our maintenance team and a third party. As well as for our employees who are certified for the jobs they execute."

- Dr. Samir Said


Design and Technical Team

S & H team specializes in the design and installation of piling works, shoring works and marine works. Since 1997, the company has grown to employ the best design and operations engineers to provide the best quality and services to its customers. 

Our head of design is the General Manager & Owner himself, Dr. Samir Abualsaid, he personally designs and stays up to date with all the projects specifications and details. Dr. Samir is always monitoring the management, operations and maintenance departments for all the projects , as he is very keen that all the company's departments are always moving according to the projects' plan and working together to deliver the best products to clients. 

Safety Department

The head of Safety Department, Ms. Kolthoum Said, tops a highly trained Safety team to ensure that S & H Engineering is always a safe working place for all its personnel. The Safety Team has therefore developed a Safety system to be followed in order to ensure all of its employees and clients safety at all times. 

The safety starts in the planning, where all the aspects of the job are studied and hazards are identified by a site visit and then evaluated to reduce the risk levels by adding control parameters. 

Also. the employees of S & H will be trained by our Safety officer and Site Engineer in order for them to be aware and safe at all times during the job. 

Quality & Purchases Department 

Mr. Mohamed Samir heads the quality and purchases department, as he is very keen on providing the highest level of products purchased and services provided. The Concrete and Steel products used are purchased from trusted suppliers which provide us with certificates confirming the quality and properties needed as per design. 

As for the quality of the works, the machinery used are maintained regularly by our highly trained mechanics before and after each job, as well as daily on site by our site mechanic and operator. 

The quality and training of our personnel is done before the start of the project by our engineers and then daily toolbox talks by our safety officer on site. 

After the execution of the works, qualified personnel perform the substructure testing in order to check the capacity of the substructure can undertake the loads. 

After delivering the project, customer feedback is obtained in order to improve our prodiucts and services. 

Human Resources Department

Our Human Resources Team, headed by Mr. Adam Salah, is responsible for all the company's relations and employees. HR team decides on recruiting and training employees. The team ensures that the employees are capable of performing their jobs perfectly. 

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Finance Department

Our Finance department, headed by Ms. Nour Abualsaid, manages a team that designed to provide information to the General Manager to assist with appropriate strategic decisions when it comes to HR relations, management, project expenses and projects profit. 

Our Team monitors financial Statements, audit reports, projections and cash-flow, in order to ensure that the company is in a good position. This also contributes to the improvement of the management decisions and operations in the company. 

After studying the company's status the Financial Manager decides which areas are to be concentrated on and invested in. 

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Operations Department

Our Head of Operations Department is headed by Eng.Tamer Saad. His job is to assign the appropriate personnel for the project and coordinate with the safety officers to provide them with the appropriate training, assign the needed vehicles to mobilize the equipment and personnel required for the project and coordinate with suppliers for the products delivery on time. 

The assigned Project managers, Site officers, foremans and safety officers report back to him daily as he reviews their daily reports to monitor all the jobs going on in site.  

Maintainance Department

The maintenance team employed by S & H Engineering is highly trained who maintain all of our machinery, equipment and vehicles. All machinery and vehicles are checked by our head mechanic, Sayed Motawe, before leaving the company's yard. The machinery will be loaded and fixed on the low-beds. 

Once the machine arrives on site, it will be checked by the assigned mechanic on site and the machine operator assigned to it. 

Project Managers

S & H Engineering will assign one of the project managers on its project. They are qualified to manage large and complex projects. Our operations manager and general manager will meet with the project manager assigned to the project to discuss all aspects of the project. 

The Project Manager will be the main contact on site as he will manage all personnel on site and he will be responsible for coordinating with other project managers on site. He will issue daily reports and report back to the operations manager and he will handover the project when it finishes to the client. 

Testing and Surveying Department

Before the works start, a team of surveyors marks the pile positions on site for the preparation of the job. Highest quality of surveying equipment is used to ensure the most accurate allocation of pile center points that is used by a competent surveyors.

After the piles are constructed, the testing team comes in to measure the pile capacity. Either Static or Dynamic tests are performed based on the clients requests. 

The testing team brings in the equipment needed for testing the piles and provides the client with a Pile Test report in order to him to proceed with the next construction process.  

Skilled Labors

All labors in our company are fully trained to do their jobs. They are trained by an outside company as well as in-house training by our project managers and safety officers. Machinery Operators are experienced and have a third party certificate for operating the machinery. S & H also employs banksmen, flagmen, welder and others are also trained and have a third party certificate. The training of those labors is done regularly to ensure their safety and so that they can produce the best qulaity of work that reflects the company's name and status.